Why doesn’t my card work?
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There are multiple reasons why your WEX Motorpass card might not work at a participating site:

Wrong PIN

If you enter the wrong PIN, you may need to confirm or reset your PIN. The account holder can check on your PIN status for your nominated card in the Online Service Centre.

Card locked due to too many wrong PIN attempts

In order to help protect your card, your card will be locked automatically if you make too many incorrect PIN attempts. In order to unlock your card, the account holder needs to log in to the Online Service Centre and reset the PIN.

Spend limit exceeded

If you have exceeded your spend limit, you will not be able to make any purchases on your card until a payment has been made.

To make a payment, follow the payment options detailed in your statement or in this help article. Alternatively, call 1300 726 407 between Monday to Friday, 8:45 AM - 7:00 PM AEST and follow the prompts. Please have your credit card details and account number ready.

We recommend switching to weekly billing to better manage your spend limit and avoid overspending.

Worn magnetic strip

Your WEX Motorpass card relies on the magnetic strip to process a purchase. If your magnetic strip is worn, the account holder will need to order a replacement card through the Online Service Centre.

Invalid card (card reported as lost, stolen or damaged)

If your card is reported lost, lost or damaged, it will be locked and invalid. Please cut the card in half and stop using it immediately. A replacement card will be issued.

Card not activated (if card activation is required on the account)

Your card may require activation before its first use. To activate your card please use these instructions.

PIN not set when PIN is mandatory

If your card has been set up with a mandatory PIN, you will need to set your PIN following these instructions.

Product controls

Depending upon your account limitations, you may be entitled to some, or all of the full range of products and services available to WEX Motorpass customers.

To check which products and services are available to you, simply view the embossed code(s) on your WEX Motorpass fuel cards, or check with your account holder as to which product purchases are allowed with your card. The account holder can set these in the Online Service Centre.

Transaction restrictions

Depending upon your card, you may have transaction restrictions associated with your purchases. Check with your account holder which transaction restrictions are in place for your card. The account holder can set these in the Online Service Centre.

Velocity control settings

Velocity control settings may be set for your card. Check with your account holder what velocity controls are in place for the card. The account holder can set these in the Online Service Centre.

Account suspended

If your account has been suspended it may be due to suspicious activity, or your account has an overdue payment.

If your account has been suspended because of suspicious activity, the credit team will contact you to verify if the suspicious transaction was legitimate.

If you believe your account has been suspended because of an overdue payment, you can check this in the Online Service Centre. If a payment is required, contact us immediately at collections@wexaustralia.com.

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