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How do I set or change a PIN on my fuel card?
How do I set or change a PIN on my fuel card?
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To set or change a PIN on your fuel card, log in to your Online Service Centre account. Check that PINs are set as either Yes, Optional or No, which you will find under Account → PIN Settings.

There are three PIN settings available:

  • Yes – a PIN must be used on all your cards and set before the card can be used

  • Optional – PIN authorisation will be active on selected cards

  • No – no PIN settings will be active but PIN authorisation can be added at any time.

If you’ve selected to set PIN authorisation, the PIN can then be set in the Cards section. Select the active card on which you wish to set the PIN, then navigate to PIN Settings to create the PIN.

If you have multiple cards, you can ask your cardholders to set up their own PINs. To set up their own PIN, they need to:

  • Call 1300 764 502 and have the WEX Motorpass fuel card number and the mobile phone number associated with that card ready.

  • Follow the prompts by entering their card number, followed by their mobile number, then hang up the phone call.

  • Wait for the PIN Establishment Code (PEC code) to be sent to them via SMS to the mobile phone number associated with the fuel card (this shouldn't take long).

  • Visit, enter their PEC code, and the new PIN of their choosing. Alternatively, they can also call 1300 764 507.

  • Follow the prompts and enter the PEC code, followed by the PIN of their choosing (which they will need to enter twice to confirm).

  • The PIN has now been set and the card is ready to use.

When PINs are set or when any changes are made, the changes should be effective immediately.

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