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My card is locked due to too many incorrect PIN attempts. What do I do?
My card is locked due to too many incorrect PIN attempts. What do I do?
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A PIN can be reset either by the account holder in the Online Service Centre or by the cardholder.

Account holder

The account holder of the card will need to unlock the card and reset a new PIN in the Online Service Centre.

They can do this by navigating to the Online Service Centre and selecting Cards [Select locked card] PIN Settings and then setting a new PIN.


The cardholder who is not an account holder can also change and set a PIN for their nominated card. They can do so by completing the following steps below:

  1. Obtain a PEC code

    To obtain a PIN Establishment Code (PEC) you will first need to contact 1300 764 502. Please ensure you have your card number and mobile phone number associated with that card ready. Simply follow the prompts by entering your card number, then your mobile number and hang up.

    You will receive a PEC code via SMS to the mobile phone number you nominated in the call.

  2. Set your PIN

    After you have received your PEC, you will use this code to set a PIN for your card. To set a PIN for your card, visit

    Enter the PEC that was sent to your mobile as an SMS, and then enter your desired PIN. You will be required to enter the PIN a second time to confirm, and then click ‘Submit’. Alternatively, you can call 1300 764 507 for further assistance.

    Note that when changing the PIN using either of these two above options, assume that the PIN set was successful and the card is available to use immediately (unlocked) with the new PIN which has been set.

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