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Can I change my 'Driver & Vehicle' card to 'Driver' card?
Can I change my 'Driver & Vehicle' card to 'Driver' card?
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A new card will need to be issued if there are any changes to the vehicle or driver details. Issuing a new card will incur a fee.

Please log in to your Online Service Centre account and add a card with the details you require. You can do this by navigating to Cards β†’ Add new card button.

When the new card is received, please ensure that the old card you are replacing is cancelled and the card is destroyed.

You can cancel the old card in the Online Service Centre by navigating to Cards β†’ [Select card] β†’ Cancel card button.

Please note when presenting a card that has a vehicle registration on it at a service station, the registration must match the vehicle you are driving. If the details do not match then the card should not be used.

If you no longer have the vehicle with the registration number as specified on the card, the card should be cancelled and destroyed immediately.

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