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Why was my spend limit decreased?
Why was my spend limit decreased?
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We periodically review our customer’s accounts to ensure you are using your fuel card account to the full potential.

As part of the review, we look at your account spend over time to determine if you are required the full spend limit. The review takes into consideration your highest monthly spend over the past 18 months, your current invoicing and billing arrangements plus an additional spending buffer.

During this review, we may update your spend limit to better match your needs and minimise the chance of unauthorised or fraudulent transactions.

If we decrease your spend limit, we will notify you by email (to your invoice email address) 30 days before the spend limit reduction comes into effect.

At any time, you can request a spend limit increase. You can request a spend limit increase either via our Online Service Centre by navigating to Account → Account settings → Credit limit and proposing a new spend limit, by sending us a message, or by emailing our Credit team at Note that each spend limit request is subject to assessment and approval by WEX.

When your spend limit is easy to track, you’re more likely to stay under budget. Remember that it’s also easier to stay on top of your spend limit by switching to weekly billing.

For example, if your spend limit is $1,000 and you’re on a weekly billing cycle with 14 days payment terms, the $1,000 spend limit would cover your spend for three weeks (weekly billing, plus the agreed payment terms).

If you are on a monthly billing cycle with a $1,000 spend limit and 14 days payment terms, you would only be required to pay by the due date in your invoice (i.e. 14 days after your invoice date). However, if you spent $900 that month, you would only have $100 available until the due date in your statement.

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