What reporting is available?
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We have a range of reports available including statements, transaction data, annual activity report, and quarterly activity reports.


You can choose how often you receive statements: either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending upon your billing cycle. You can also access your statements at any time through the Online Service Centre.

Statements may be delivered either electronically or by post, depending on your preference. Statements delivered via email are free of charge. You can check the fee structure to see the cost for paper statements delivered by mail.

See here what information is included in your statements.

Transaction data

You can log in to the Online Service Centre and see your transaction data for the last 13 months. You can also download your transaction data in a .csv file.

Annual activity report

Tax time can be stressful. That's why we provide you with an Annual Activity Report that includes a summary of each vehicle’s spend for the financial year. This report is all you need to substantiate your business vehicle expenses at tax time.

Note that the report does not include odometer readings and an Annual Activity Report incurs a fee. If you currently receive a Quarterly Activity Report, you receive a complimentary Annual Activity Report for the cards set up on the Quarterly Activity Report.

See the details of what is included in an Annual Activity Report

Quarterly activity report

A Quarterly Activity Report is sent for each card. It helps with quarterly taxation reporting requirements and gives a summary of all account transactions during a three-month period (it summarises spend by product type, litres purchased and GST components). It does not include odometer readings.

Quarterly Activity Report incurs a fee and you will receive a complimentary Annual Activity Report for the specific cards set up on the Quarterly Activity Report.

See the details to see what is included in a quarterly activity report.

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