A WEX Motorpass card is more than a fuel card, it’s a great money-saving tool for businesses on the go. It can be used to purchase fuel across Australia, but also for your expenses on the road. With a range of products and services including vehicle-related expenses, accommodation, food and beverages, you have everything you need on your next trip.

Depending upon your account limitations, you may be entitled to some or all of the full range of products and services offered by WEX Motorpass.

To check which products and services are available to you, simply view the embossed code(s) on your WEX Motorpass fuel card.

Below are the abbreviations and their meanings:

  • ALL PRODUCTS - You can purchase all products on this list below

  • FUEL & OIL ONLY - Fuel and oil only

  • ALL VEHICLE EXPENSES - All vehicle-related expenses

  • LRP - Leaded fuel

  • ULP - Unleaded fuel (includes all unleaded fuel types, e.g. standard unleaded 91 and E10). Please note that there is no change in embossing if only one of the ULP options is allowed.

  • PULP - Premium unleaded fuel (includes Premium unleaded 95 & 98). Please note that there is no change in embossing if only one of the PULP options is allowed.

  • DIESEL - AdBlue bulk products

  • LPG - LPG

  • ETHPULP - Ethanol premium unleaded

  • ETHULP - Ethanol unleaded

  • LOW ARO - Low aromatic fuel

  • OIL - Oil

  • WASH - Car wash

  • PARK - Parking

  • SVC - Service and repairs

  • TYRES - Tyres

  • ACCOM - Accommodation (excludes on-site restaurant or room service)

  • RENT - Car rental

  • SHOP - Any shop product purchased inside the service station and AdBlue products (excluding AdBlue bulk products)

  • TAXI - Taxi

  • FOOD&BEV - On-site restaurant and room services at accommodation partners

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