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Do you get fuel discounts with WEX Motorpass?
Do you get fuel discounts with WEX Motorpass?
Written by Lenna Saeidzadeh
Updated over a week ago

WEX Motorpass gives you access to diesel discounts and special offers. Enjoy the freedom of choice with over 6,000 participating sites across Australia.

Diesel discounts

You will automatically have access to diesel discounts. To receive your diesel discount, just swipe your WEX Motorpass card at the time of payment. You may view your discounts on your next statement or view the latest discounts in your area on the diesel discount map.

Fuel prices and exclusive deals

As a WEX Motorpass customer, you get access to the WEX Motorpass Driver app.

The app allows you to see the current fuel prices wherever you are in Australia, saving you money on the road and giving you the freedom to choose the cheapest fuel in your area. The app also grants you access to exclusive deals at participating service stations.

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