Once you’ve applied for a WEX Motorpass fuel card, you may be approved immediately, which will be confirmed by a notification on your screen and an accompanying email of approval.

If you are not approved immediately, we will review your application and let you know of the outcome via email within a week. In this email, you will be advised whether you have been approved, whether we need more information or whether your application has been declined.

Once you’ve been approved for a WEX Motorpass fuel card, you will receive a welcome email with your Online Service Centre login details.

Your fuel card will be sent via Australia Post to you the next business day, although the actual time it takes for your card to arrive may vary depending on Australia Post delivery schedules. If there’s a signature panel, you will need to sign the card but not all fuel cards have signature panels.

You can start using your WEX Motorpass fuel card as soon as you’ve received it.

However, note that some cards require activation first. You will receive instructions on how to activate your card, along with the card itself, if activation is needed. If you do not receive activation instructions, activation is not required and you can start using your card immediately.

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